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Poker Games

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Below we've outlined details about some of the more popular types of poker games. Remember, you can play free video poker or real multiplayer poker games by selecting and clicking any of the two image options located immediately to the right of this text.

7-card Stud Poker
3 to 5 players can play this game. The initial deal is two cards down and one card up to each player. The first betting round starts with the highest hand showing or for the first round the high card. Then another card is dealt up and another betting round this is repeated until there are four cards face up. Then a final card is dealt down and a final betting round held.

The ranking of the hands are the same as regular poker except to take the five best cards out of the ones you are dealt. Variations on the game is to allow wild cards and a five of a kind. This is personally my favorite kind of poker.

5-card Stud Poker
This is played much like 7-card stud only with 5-cards. The intial deal can vary in this game and depends on how your group wants to play. 5 card stud is usually dealt either 2 down, 3 up, or 1 down, 4 up, or 1 down, 3 up, 1 down. Once again it is played exactly like 7-card stud with betting rounds held when each new card is put down. Variations can be the use of wild cards and the rank of hands are the standard one in poker.

Chinese Poker (also referred to as Russian Poker)
A 52-card deck is used and 13 cards are dealt to 4 players each. Each player arranges the 13 cards into their 3 best poker hands known as the "Front", "Middle", and "Back". The "Front" is a 3-card hand. Both "Middle" and "Back" are 5-card hands and must outrank the "Front" (3-card hand). If you're playing with a surrender option, after the cards have been dealt (and the players have arranged their cards into these 3 hands), then each player elects to either play or surrender. If they surrender, they forfeit 2 chips (or points) to each of the other players. If they play, each player's 3 hands are compared to the other players' hands. Each hand you win picks up 1 chip and the overall winner picks up an extra chip. You can rotate the order of accepting surrenders for each game. Visit for more chinese poker.

Indian Poker
One card is dealt to each player face down. Each player then holds the card face up on their forehead (without looking at their own card) and bets on their card according to what they see of the other players' cards. Betting goes on for as long as desired with the highest card winning. While this is played for laughs, others find value in reading a player's ability to bluff and what their betting reveals of their style.

Lowball Poker
3-7 players. Intial deal is five cards to each player. The game is exactly like five card draw except you are trying to get the worst hand. The rank of the hands are the same as standard version of poker except that the lowest hand wins. This is a good game to break up the monotony of regular poker.

More types of poker games and details will be added to this list soon. Obviously it's not comprehensive and complete but we are working to provide more details soon.

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