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beleef pret zonder alles te spenderen met limit texas holdem

als u in het bezit bent van de nuts, bent u de winnar in omaha poker

Omaha Strategy

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In full ring, limit Omaha, it usually takes the "nut" hand, or something close to that, to win! . .For our purpose here, we describe the "nut" as a hand that can only be beaten by hidden quads and straight flushes. These killer hands are usually referred to as the "pure" nuts. . . Two pair and trips don't win very often in this game. You need to shoot for the nut straight, nut flush, or nut full house most of the time. . . This is why -

Omaha players all start with four cards. Each four card hand contains six Hold'em hands when the four cards are converted to all possible combinations of two. ie: ABCD = AB AC AD BC BD CD. (Players must play two cards from their hands and three from the board). If you are in a pot with five other players after the flop, it is sort of comparable to a Texas Hold'em game against thirty other players, because each of your five competitors is holding six Hold'em hands instead of one. So if you get down to the river with a very good hand, but one that can be beaten by some other two card combinations, brace yourself for a loss because they are likely to be out there somewhere.. . . Your high end straight on the flop runs into serious problems when the board turns up three suited cards or a pair. A flush or a full house will usually pop up to beat you. . . In Omaha, always play for the NUT!

Just one or two good hold'em hands is usually not a very good starting hand in Omaha but many players can not resist the urge to play them. With four cards to choose from, these kinds of hands are easy to get and Omaha games normally have more players and bigger pots than in Hold'em. The higher payoffs work to your advantage when you usually start with hands that contain four cards that all interact with each other to make about five or six decent Hold'em hands instead of only one or two. You will see a few exceptions to this here in the starting hands strategy.

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