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Welcome to the International online world of poker. Poker is by far the most popular card game that is played in the United States of America and many parts of the world today. At any given moment in time, there are many a poker game happening in bars, bedrooms, college dormitories and even in offices. Though it's illegal in many states, millions of Americans ignore this and play in private clubs and homes in every city and town from Florida to Alaska.

Hundreds of poker variations exist today, but usually they can all be placed in two large classes:
- closed (or draw) poker, where each player's cards are hidden from the other players until the showdown or the completion of the hand
- open (or stud) poker in which some cards in each player's hand are exposed to all the players as the betting progresses, and all the active player' cards being exposed at the showdown.

To most Americans, Draw Poker means the game of Five-Card Draw (Jacks or Better) and its popular variations - low ball, high-low poker etc. While stud poker usually means five-card stud and its variations - Canadian stud, seven-card stud, six-card stud, low-hand stud etc.

In all these poker variations, two factors remain constant:

  1. The value or rank of each poker hand
  2. At the 'showdown', the hand cannot consist of more than five cards, even though more cardss are used in many poker variations

Poker has probably achieved and maintained its amazing popularity because of the fact that:

  1. It can be played by rich and poor alike. The stakes may vary from no limit to penny ante, just as long as the minimum and maximum betting limits are agreed upon before the game begins
  2. It is easy to learn
  3. It may be played in a great many different ways
  4. Any number of players from two to eight may play, although two to six players make the best game
  5. Each player on his own battles all the others. There is no partnership play, it's all about chance, skill and cunning

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Poker Games
Information,descriptions, rules and links to details of some of the many poker variations that poker-lovers all over the world play today.

Official Poker Rules
As it implies, this section uncomplicates the rules of poker for you.

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